Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Welcome to Lanes Cove

This is a diary about living on Lanes Cove. Lanes Cove is a unique location on the western side of Cape Ann Massachusetts. Located in Lanesville, a village in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the cove has been a working port for close to two hundred years. First as a fishing port, then later as a granite loading port and now for lobster and pleasure boats.

Last night a ship archored off the cove in Ipswich Bay. Though I couldn't make out the her configuration in the dark, it was clear she was a buoy tender. This morning, it was quite clear--it was USCGC Willow (WLB 202). I think that Ipswich Bay, especially near the mouth of the Annisquam river, provides a calm and protected anchorage, especially from weather from the south and east.

USCGC Willow (WLB 202) Anchored Off of Lanes Cove Posted by Hello


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