Saturday, May 07, 2005


Hmm... the weather is a bit strange today. We have a full fledged nor'easter going on, something we don't normally see in May. If this were February, we'd have 12 to 24 inches of snow. The wind has been howling all day and the wind has been whipping up the water outside of the cove. At time the waves will break outside of the cove and the spray will go over the granite walls that protect the cove. The tide tonight is very high--we noticed a pickup truck and a police car down near the landing. The police car had all of his lights on and was scanning his spotlight around the cove. Best I can figure is he was making sure that the boats in the cove were okay.

Up until Friday, there were four lobster boats and a pleasure fishing boat in the cove. The two lobster boats the moored just inside of the breakwater left--I assume to find safer moorage. I'll say one thing, the weather here can be downright exciting.


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