Monday, July 04, 2005

Lanesville 4th of July

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Well, it has come and gone, the biggest event of the year on Lanes Cove--the 4th of July celebration. The schedule was:

6:00 PM - Parade
7:00 PM - Wedding
8:00 PM - Liquor Store Closes
9:00 PM - Bonfire is Lit

The weather was perfect--low humidity, warm temperature, light breeze and a cloudless sky. The parade was the typical Lanesville affair, quirky, somewhat disorganized, but as always, fun. This completely ad hoc parade is a chance for everyone to participate. The only "band" is a group of mostly drummers along with a few instruments. I did here the Star Spangled Banner played with the crowd singing along. The last couple of years have seen the parade finish up by marching into the cove, but this time they marched to the bonfire/wedding site.


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