Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cape Ann is a Kayaker's Paradise

I ran across this in Lisa Gollin Evans book Sea Kayaking Coastal Massachusetts.

Cape Ann is a kayaker's paradise, offering gorgeous, rocky coastline; challenging open water; marvelous bird life; and quaint, weather-hardened towns. Kayakers return again and again to Cape Ann, for the ocean's mood are infinite. There's a quality to the light and color of the water--an alluring harshness and wildness that is particular to Cape Ann. Think of a painting by Winslow Homer or Fitz Hugh Lane. Kayakers are drawn to Cape Ann's elemental seriousness, to the gravity of its beauty, its challenges, and the freshness of its wind. For the best trip, paddle Cape Ann in the off-season. Harbor seals, shorebirds, and solitude then add to the area's considerable charm.


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