Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wave for the Camera

I have a webcam that looks over Lanes Cove. During the winter, there isn't much going on, so the images are not so interesting. OK, sometimes when the wind picks up you can see spray breaking over the breakwater, or whitecaps in Ipswich Bay, but generally, pretty boring. So on a Sunday this February we get a nice blizzard, the kind where you bring in lots of wood for the fire and just enjoy not having to do anything. During a lull in the storm, I notice someone down on the cove, waving. Kind of interesting, but nothing too unusal for Lanes Cove. So I post a note on a local message board about seeing someone waiving at what I think is our webcam. I got a reply--yep, that was someone who lives around the corner from us who told her grandkids in Chicago to watch the webcam and she would wave to them. Evidently it worked.


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