Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flatrocks Gallery

Flatrocks Gallery

Flatrocks Gallery is a new gallery located at 77 Langsford Street, just down from Lanes Cove toward Folly Cove. Started by two local artists, Anne Marie Crotty and Cynthia Roth, it is a gallery dedicated to artists of Cape Ann. Personally I believe there is a preference for artists around Lanesville, which is a good thing. Flatrocks gives a permanent venue for artists here, sort of a continuous Art in Lanesville show. Greg Gibson continues to show his talents in collecting and selling books and maps related to Cape Ann as part of the gallery.

Flatrocks Gallery is great addition to Lanesville--I will them great success.


  • Galleries and corporate sponsors!?!? This is not the Lane's Cove of my youth, which may not be an altogether bad thing. I remember the days of Buddy Jendroe and Old George Morrie. Some of it was wonderful and some of it was not but it was all very real and the time that I spent in Lanesville is some of the most important time of my life.

    I want to thank you for the web cam and the blog. My parents owned a home at 10A Langsford Road for many years. We spent summers there and we were really the only summer people there. The local kids did not have any use for me and I spent most of my time alone, which was alright by me.

    I used to buy comic books and candy bars from Old May and then walk my bike up to a point beyond the old graveyard, where I could look down on the cove or out across the bay. I would work myself into a sugar frenzy and read all the latest Marvel stories for hours.

    I miss Buddy and all the other drunks and the George and Georgie Morey and all the other hard working men who pulled lobster pots for years. I miss Erksie dancing, beside himself with joy, rapping out the beat on the bucket on his head.

    I just discovered today that the Morries lived in the same house at the corner of Washington and Duley since at least 1855. That is a pretty good run in one house.

    All in all, you took me back to a fine, fine time in my life. Your web cam is now on my favorites. I will stop by now and again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:41 PM  

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