Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Great Job by the Lanesville Bonfire Committee

I wanted to compliment the Lanesville Bonfire Committee--they have been doing a great job. This year's bonfire is the biggest I've seen yet. They have roped off the area, restricting it to Fire Personnel Only.

This is from a recent e-mail with Jackie Hardy, Ward 4 Councilor:

Great way to get rid of the scrap lumber - agreed, but there are restrictions on what can be burned and not ... the Chief of the FD has worked with a great committee this year, and all have agreed as to what can be used and not - i.e. no treated or painted lumber, no boats, fiberglass, plastics, chemicals, fireworks, accelerants, etc., etc., etc.

Speaking about scrap lumber, the city is looking into ways we may be able to better accommodate the "homeowner" (not construction companies or contractors) with the disposal of some simple, clean building materials. Like if I want to put new windows in, or take down a wall during a small home improvement project.... Discussions are just beginning - we have a new DPW Director and he seems anxious to provide at least the ability to the homeowner - i.e. dumpsters at the DPW yard few times a year etc. Things are looking up... I am encouraged.


  • Special thanks to Richard Pino, Jr., who signed the fire permit and is responsible for the new ideas (fencing, signage, etc.). The crew this year is organized and postive and treating this tradition with respect.

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