Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Restless Tides

Watching the cove everyday, you can't miss the effects of the tide. The average rise and fall is listed at 9.5' and the edge of the water at the shallow end of the cove must go 75 yards (at least) from low tide to high tide. Saw someone digging clams last weekend at low tide, though it is currently restricted in the cove. Don't know if he took any home with him or not.

An interesting discussion took place on a message board on Cape Ann Online about tides and some of the misconceptions, especially how people who have never seen the ocean perceive (or misperceive) how tides works. NOAA has a very technical discussion on the subject on their series called Our Restless Tides.

Anyway, it is just another aspect of the cove that changes constantly.


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