Monday, September 03, 2007

Jet Skis on Lanes Cove

Lanes Cove gets a lot of use in the summer. No wonder, it is a beautiful spot with a serviceable boat ramp (not great, but serviceable), a small public float and access to Ipswich Bay. Occasionally we get a few jet skiers that put in at the boat ramp and tool around Ipswich Bay. Now jet skis have the reputation of bad motorcyclists on the water--except you don't need a license, and there is no minimum age.

The other night we saw a couple of boats with red and blue flashing lights plus a helicopter out on Ipswich Bay pretty late. It seems a jet skier had engine problems who was trying to traverse 40 miles from Crane Beach to Haverhill. See the article in the Boston Globe here. That guy is considering selling his jet ski.

I have nothing inherently against jet skiers--just the ones who act irresponsibly. One jet skier this summer came full bore through the cut in the breakwater all the way through the cove straight to the other end. People swim here in the cove--need I say more? Or when people let their young kids speed around the cove on them--again people swim here and it is very tight quarters in the cove with all of the boats.

As far as I can tell, there aren't any local residents who own jet skis. It would be nice if people who visit just used a little common sense, and display some common courtesy.


  • Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures and updates. The other day my sister IM'd me and said, "Let's watch the sunset together" and we watched it via the webcam. Fall was always my favorite season in New England and I miss the leaves, the cool air and the blue blue skies and the blue blue water. Thanks for keeping me in touch!

    By Blogger Nancy, at 10:11 AM  

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