Friday, November 09, 2007

Nothing Like a Little Stormy Weather...

There's nothing like a little stormy weather to up the number hits on the Lanes Cove webcam. As Noel turned from a hurricane to a Nor'easter, people wanted to see what was going on as it passed Cape Ann. I suspect that the other webcams in the area saw a flurry of hits as well, but since we have a good view of the water we probably got our fair share.

From our position, northeast winds drive the waves parallel to the breakwater. Strong winds from the north or north-northwest start to drive waves into the breakwater with the resulting wind driven spray that flies over the walls. It has been many years since the last time the wall was breached by massive waves, and the last repair of the breakwater place enough material outside of the walls to dissipate most of the energy of the waves before plowing into them. As the storm moved away from us, the winds did shift more northerly and a little spray was see across the walls, but this certainly wasn't "the big one" a lot of people were watching for.


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