Sunday, June 26, 2005

Beautiful (Hot!) Weather

Yesterday was downright hot. The cove was full of kayakers, sunbathers, pleasure boaters, swimmers--just about anybody who wanted to cool off near the water and didn't want to fight the traffic to the beaches (like Good Harbor), seem to be here. It was great!

This morning (Sunday) started out warm, so we took the kayaks out for a little paddle (down toward the Annisquam). Exploring some of the exposed rocks just north of Plum Cove we saw a juvenile seal sunning himself. We paddled over toward it--when we got about 20' from it, it dove back into the water. We watched it swim by us--amazingly graceful. I swear it had a blue tinge to its color.

This was our first paddle with our daughter. She did great (okay, she fell out of the kayak trying to pick up a starfish, but was a good sport about it). I asked her how she liked kayaking and she said, "I just saw a seal, how cool is that?"


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