Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Has Been a Cool Wet Summer

August, and this summer in general, has been especially rainy. We have had spectacular thunderstorms throughout the summer, and my grass has never looked greener in August.

We are getting near the end of summer, and that means the Lanesville Bluefish Tournament is coming up. Held traditionally on the Sunday before Labor Day, that means this summer's tournament falls on August 31st. Good luck to all--and remember participants, it is okay to go home before 10 PM.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Street Cleanup

Noticed this morning that there were four city DPW employees with brooms sweeping the sidewalks and curbs in Lanesville. This was completely unexpected--and very much welcomed. I have a pet peeve--there are a lot of weeds along the sidewalks and curbs on Washington Street (and I image most other streets), probably encouraged by the wet summer we've had. It looks bad and if the owners of the house that line Washington Street would take a few minutes and pull these weeds, things would look a lot neater.

Anyway, it sure was nice to see the DPW folks up our way--thanks for your efforts. directory