Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Willow Sighting (almost)

Got a call this morning from my wife. She asked if I was watching the webcam. I keep the image up at work because I don't have a window that overlooks the water (who am I kidding...I couldn't tell you if it was day or night from my office). I quickly switched to the webcam just to see the stern of a ship passing out of the frame. She told me it was the Willow and it was just outside of the cove. Maybe she'll overnight in Ipswich Bay--can't really tell right now.

I've exchanged e-mails with the Captain of the USCGC Willow. They were pretty surprised to find the Willow on someone's website. She is based in Newport, RI and they've told the crew about this blog so family members can check up on the ship--that is when I happen to be watching.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fireworks on the Cove (in March?!?)

You never know what will happen around the cove--that's part of the "charm" of living here. On the 4th of July, we get lots of fireworks, some semi-sanctioned (or at least overlooked) by the city--beautiful against the night sky over Ipswich Bay. But last night, around 1:10 AM, we got quite a display. Someone decided to light up the sky, not with a few bottle rockets, but with a whole display--maybe 15-20 minutes worth. I wonder, could it be marking the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq or just inebriated fun? Hard to tell, here On the Cove.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Gone are the Mallards

As the weather warms (somewhat) here, I noticed that our flock of Mallards that spend the winter here--are gone. I'm guessing they've headed back north--maybe the ice has melting enough where they reside for the rest of the year for them to move back. I guess it is a sign that winter really will end. I've even seen the odd lobster boat outside the cove, and the sun has moved northerly along the horizon--it is setting north of Hog Island from where we see it. Last night's sunset was beautiful--not all that unusual, but some people decided to pull into our driveway and park to watch Mother Nature's evening spectacular. I think they enjoyed themselves and I was glad I could share this magnificient spot with them (maybe I should charge admission...). directory