Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve on Lanes Cove

I must admit that I've neglected my blog about Lanes Cove. Like so many of us, there are many other things vying for my time. One of these is the number of computers it takes to provide the two camera feeds, a weather feed, plus one for a ham radio Internet to RF (radio frequency) link known as Echolink. Try keeping four computers running 24/7 sometime.

This is the lowest depth as far as sunlight, plus the farthest south the sun travels along the horizon. The sun for us now sets behind the hill where the Lanes Cove Cemetery is and will remain there for quite a while. Once the sun starts making its way back north along the horizon, it will pick up speed quickly as we approach spring.

We have had a good week of stiff, steady wind from the north and northwest. It has finally calmed down, but it was fun watching the waves our on Ipswich bay and the ice build up on the shallow end of the Cove. directory