Monday, February 16, 2009

Pleasant Weather for a Little While

So after some nasty snow and ice storms this winter, we've had a nice thaw in the last couple of days. Much of the snow is gone, just those piles that seem to linger in their ugliness. Andrews Street had been pretty treacherous at times. A little over a month ago we had an ice storm that stranded us here in Lanesville. A fire engine that was sent out on a medical call got stuck on Washington Street just south of Plum Cove. I came home from a radio club meeting and crept along (passing the fire engine on the side of the road) until I got to my driveway. Andrews Street slopes down to the Cove and I could not turn into my driveway. It took at least five minutes to get the car aimed to the point that I could get it into the driveway and off of the street.

During the ice storm, the DPW could not get the sanders out. I understand that a Gloucester Police officer commandeered a State sander at the Grant Rotary and sent him north along Rt. 127.

All of this now seems like a distant memory, with the temperatures in the 40's today. I know it will get cold again, but with the days getting longer there's hope for a pleasant spring. directory